Responsibilities and Duties of a Florida Personal Representative

Tue 15th Feb, 2022 Estate Planning

The Personal Representative is a fiduciary – in short, this means the Personal Representative must act impartially in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the decedent’s estate. 

Once appointed by a Florida probate court judge, one of the first duties of the Personal Representative is to identify, collect, and protect the decedent’s assets while the estate is administered.  Another essential duty of the Personal Representative is the requirement to notify potential creditors of the estate, verify or object to any claims filed against the estate, and pay valid debts of the estate.  Once all creditor claims have been disposed, the Personal Representative is tasked with distributing the remaining estate assets either as set out in a valid Last Will and Testament or in accordance with Florida’s intestacy statute.

Throughout the administration process, the Personal Representative must also keep the beneficiaries informed of the status of the estate administration and comply with all applicable tax filing obligations.