Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Wed 29th Mar, 2023 Business Litigation

Alternative dispute resolution, commonly referred to as ADR, defines a method by which a broad variety of disputes are resolved involving the use of mediators and arbitrators, as opposed to a lawsuit in court. You might benefit from an attempt at ADR prior to going to court in your claim or case.  Reviewing your options with an alternative dispute resolution lawyer from Purcell, Flanagan, Hay & Greene will help determine if ADR might be an appropriate fit for your dispute. 

Flexible Resolutions

Taking a dispute to court removes much of your control over the outcome. A judge or jury’s decision is final and while you can always appeal the decision, the process can be expensive, time-consuming, and may not achieve your desired objectives. However, mediation offers an option for resolving the issue without getting the courts involved. Mediation methods are flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the parties involved, providing a more customized solution than a court judgment.

In mediation, a neutral third-party mediator or arbitrator facilitates direct communication between the parties in dispute. Mediation is led and arranged privately between the parties and their attorneys, or through an officer of the court. Mediation provides a way for you to maintain more control over the outcome of your dispute and to explore customized resolutions. 


Another advantage of mediation is confidentiality. Court proceedings and records are typically public, which can have negative consequences for your reputation or business relationships. However, mediation and arbitration discussions are kept confidential, ensuring that the contents of your negotiations remain private.

Time-Saving & Cost-Effective

ADR methods are often less expensive than going to court, as they require less time and resources. In addition, these solutions are always faster than traditional court proceedings, which are often delayed, or needing to be scheduled far in advance due to case backlogs, legal complexities, and court availability. 

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